Coursing through an entrepreneurial dream

“What makes a dream meaningful is that you take the steps to realise it.”
Co-Founder & CEO of GRWTH

Adam has always enjoyed building drones in his free time. From buying the parts, soldering, assembling, and testing to flying, Adam loves getting hands-on and doing it all. It was this “from zero to 100” satisfaction that prompted him to turn a small idea into his start-up, GRWTH.

One time, one of the educational technology (EduTech) companies that Adam met during his start-up years invited him to be its general manager to oversee its school EduTech development. Adam accepted the invitation and held that post for more than a decade.

“I spent more than ten years learning how to run a technology company and understanding the market’s needs. This experience laid the foundation for my second start-up.”


To Adam, schools, teachers, and communities are all crucial components to a student’s growth and future.

Determined to put this belief into action, Adam started up again, this time setting up the EduTech start-up, GRWTH. GRWTH connects schools, students, parents, and communities through a mobile app. Students can maintain a personal and growth profile on the system, and parents and schools can use the app’s comprehensive smart analysis and educational information to make the best choices for their children. This year, the app even added “GRWTH Pay”, a mobile payment service that links service providers to the platform and brings communities, parents, and schools closer together.

Through the Cyberport Incubation Programme (CIP) and its investor network, GRWTH took advantage of Cyberport’s vast and variegated network of investors to raise funds and to reach the public.

From knowing nothing about business operations and encountering a bottleneck to learning about business models and launching a successful business venture, Adam’s start-up journey was like assembling a drone – it took readying all of the components, slowly putting them together, trial and error, and finally donning the “First Person View (FPV) Googles” and launching the drone into the sky.

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